On the Issues

In 1970, Quaye’s father immigrated to the U.S. from Ghana to pursue his version of the American Dream. Through education, hard work, and perseverance, he built a better life for his five sons. This kind of story isn’t as common as it once was in our country. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, as stock portfolios are booming for the 1% and multinational corporations are enjoying record profits, American families and small businesses are struggling to survive. We must level this playing field, and that starts with creating a robust and resilient economy that works for everyone. 

In Congress, Quaye will make sure that those at the top pay their fair share, fight to level the playing field for small businesses, and work to bring infrastructure and health care investments to Southern California. He will advocate for more job training programs, including career and technical education and vocational training. Californians are leaders in health care, medical research, and biotechnology, with the most talented workforce in the world. We need to leverage our existing in-state industries to promote job creation throughout the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, and Antelope Valleys. Whether it’s aerospace, film, health care or the renewable energy sector, California’s 27th Congressional District is positioned to be a destination for well-paying jobs. Quaye will do everything possible to give our region the support it needs to meet the demands of tomorrow’s economy.

Quaye supports providing 12 weeks of paid family leave for new families, so parents can bond with their children without fear of economic ruin. Quaye will fight to offer affordable childcare while also encouraging significant investments in the childcare provider industry to remove formidable barriers to women and working families so they can re-enter and remain in tomorrow’s robust workforce. Working families shouldn’t be caught in a dilemma as they struggle with the decision of paying for childcare, their mortgage, or college tuition.

As the son of a mother who grew up in the Jim Crow South, Quaye knows how far our country has come in expanding access to the ballot box. But, right now, our voting rights are under attack from far-right legislators and organizations with vested interests in preventing the under-represented and disenfranchised from exercising their right to participate in our democracy.

Quaye served overseas and saw firsthand the aftermath of autocratic regimes. He is extremely concerned with our democracy’s path after the insurrection on January 6th and will champion our democratic values on Capitol Hill. In Congress, Quaye will work to protect the right to vote while promoting the passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to codify in law One Person, One Vote.

He’ll fight to get big money out of politics by overturning the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision and restoring influence to American voters. As a first-generation Ghanaian American, he will lead with inclusivity, compassion, and integrity because our nation’s creed is fulfilled when the American Dream is a reality for all Americans – a country in which everyone benefits from their hard work.

Gun safety in America is a deeply personal and complex issue for Quaye and his family. When he was deployed to the Middle East, Quaye lost one of his older brothers to an act of senseless gun violence. Quaye’s family is only one of countless others in our great nation that live with a similar dull pain.

When elected to office, Quaye will support bipartisan, commonsense legislation that will enforce mandatory background checks, ban ghost guns and high-capacity magazines, and rid our communities of assault weapons. He will work with fellow policymakers to close the ‘boyfriend loophole.’ If you’ve been convicted of domestic violence, you shouldn’t have a gun, even if you’ve never been married or lived with the victim. 

Quaye wholeheartedly believes that our country can’t wait any longer for bold and courageous action on gun safety. He knows sensible and practical bipartisan measures to keep our communities safe from preventable gun violence will require innovative protections of law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Quaye believes that law-abiding citizens should be able to responsibly own guns and exercise their Second Amendment rights, but such ownership shouldn’t threaten the safety of non-gun owners in our communities.

Quaye strongly believes that health care is a human right with immeasurable benefits. We must do more to ensure all Americans have quality and affordable health care. While the Affordable Care Act was a tremendous step in that direction, we must continue to build on that progress while protecting those with pre-existing conditions. Quaye will fight back against Republican attempts to destroy the health care Californians rely on and ensure they do not let insurance companies charge women or seniors more for their care or end critical benefits for services such as maternity care, mental health, or substance abuse treatment.

Far too many families remain one accident or medical emergency away from bankruptcy. It’s time to pass a public option that will expand choice for Californians and reduce premiums by leading to greater competition, all while preserving the option of private insurance. We need to lower the cost of prescription drugs and hold drug companies accountable for ratcheting up prices. Quaye supports allowing Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to achieve lower costs and applying those reduced prices across insurance markets. He will protect Medicare for seniors and work to expand coverage for dental, vision, and hearing services.

As a proud first-generation Ghanaian American and former diplomat, Quaye knows first-hand the immense desire people from around the world have to legally immigrate to our great country, become citizens, and live their version of the American dream. In 1970, Quaye’s father immigrated from West Africa, graduated from college, and began a career and a family in California. Today, our immigration system is dangerously broken and desperately needs reforms that work for all of us. Congress has refused to put partisan politics aside to get badly needed results for immigrants and our economy.

America needs a comprehensive and inclusive strategy centered on the premise that our country is safer, stronger, and more prosperous. Quaye will advocate for a fair and orderly immigration system that welcomes immigrants, keeps families together, and allows all Americans to contribute more fully to our beloved nation. Quaye is dedicated to defending immigrant communities, including DREAMers and refugees, from abuse and protecting their basic human rights. He will work tirelessly across the aisle with anyone willing to responsibly reform this system because America’s strength is undeniably our diversity.

Quaye’s life changed when he earned an appointment to the Naval Academy to play football, but he only earned this opportunity through high-quality education and strong family values. He understands how a great education can level the playing field and create more opportunities for all Americans. Quaye believes we must prepare students for a 21st-century economy based upon clean electricity and technology; and that starts with ensuring our schools offer comprehensive STEM education. He will also advocate to expand career and technical education because, while college might not be for everyone, a path to the middle class must be.

No student’s dream should be deterred because of the skyrocketing costs of higher education. Although Quaye’s children are still several years away from applying for college, his family, like so many others in California, is concerned about the rising cost of tuition. Quaye will fight for students to have options after K-12, without going into a lifetime of debt. We need to make college more affordable so that it is within reach of any young adult who’s willing to work hard for it. He supports tuition-free community college, eliminating predatory practices from for-profit colleges, and helping students renegotiate high-percentage student loans at lower rates. 

For Quaye, racial justice and equity are deeply personal. In 1992, a few months removed from his high school graduation, Quaye laid face down on the ground at gunpoint by the police with two of his Naval Academy Preparatory School classmates because they “fit the description.” Naturally, they feared for their lives. This occured only a year after Rodney King was beaten by four police officers in the San Fernando Valley. Fortunately for Quaye, the police officers were professional, recognized their error, apologized, and released him.

As a retired Naval Intelligence Officer with decades of experience preserving our way of life through military interventions, Quaye has supported our women and men in uniform who take decisive action to save lives. He has lived experience with both sides of this enormous social crisis. Quaye believes – now more than ever – that we need to renew the social contract between local law enforcement officials and the communities they’ve sworn to serve and protect. Quaye will fight to help law enforcement officers do the job they signed up for with professionalism and work to eliminate the additional duties they’ve had to take on that may be outside the scope of lawful protection. We shouldn’t ask our law enforcement to be social workers, too.

As your Representative, Quaye will make it his mission to ensure all citizens and law enforcement officials are treated equally under the law with dignity. He’ll push to expand the use of body cameras, ensure every department has effective training programs surrounding the use of force, encourage community policing models, and ban racial profiling. Accountability and a renewed commitment to serve and protect will be the bedrock for a more inclusive, vibrant, and mutually beneficial relationship for all community stakeholders.

Quaye is strongly pro-choice. Reproductive rights are under threat like never before, and he will defend the right to choose and funding for organizations like Planned Parenthood. A woman’s health decisions should be between her and her doctor. The government should have no say on when, how, or with whom women decide to start or grow a family. Quaye will support codifying Roe v. Wade into law to protect access to abortion.

The rapid acceleration of climate change affects our community with wildfires, air and water pollution, drought, and more. Clean air and water are vital to our way of life in Southern California. Quaye knows we must do everything in our power to take climate action. Far too many of us live in areas where wildfires threaten property and where access to clean water is insecure. This starts with moving rapidly to transition our economy away from the use of fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy.

The climate crisis is an existential threat Congress must not delay addressing. Quaye will fight for increased public and private investments in fielding a fully renewable and clean energy infrastructure to create good jobs in growth industries. Quaye uniquely understands that combatting the climate crisis is a matter of national security and he’ll address it urgently. 

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